PfP and ShowBox Mix it Up for DUG Conference Trade Show Exhibit

Objectives Achieved

  • Create a more sophisticated booth
  • Create modular booth in two sizes

PfP, a chemical blending company that manufactures and processes guar gum, has grown substantially over the years with the addition of local and international operating facilities. With expansion comes the need to appear even bigger in the market. So when it came time to re-assess its event marketing initiatives, it was definitely time to ‘mix things up’ a bit. Fittingly, PfP contacted its longtime go-to vendors, BrightBox and ShowBox Exhibits for brand marketing support. This included stepping up its corporate image at the DUG Conference and Exhibition (Developing Unconventional Gas).

Challenges and Solutions

ShowBox was able to craft a simple yet impactful booth design. The company constructed a modular booth capable of being reconfigured into both a 10×10 and a 10×20 format. Simple sintra graphics, signage, and a flat screen monitor made a drastic difference from the pop-up signage that PfP once utilized. To complete the upgrade, contemporary stools and reception desk were added for meetings and exchanges.

Companies can make a huge difference in the image they project simply by stepping up in a few areas, we worked with ShowBox on upgrading just a few things but the overall look of our booth is undoubtedly more sophisticated.

Mickey Callanan


Exhibitor: ShowBox Exhibits
Creative/Production: ShowBox Exhibits (713) 481-0375,
Client: PFP
Show: DUG Conference and Exhibition (Developing Unconventional Gas)